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Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun Probably Had The Most Depraved Wedding In World History

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The relationship between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun is just as twisted as anything else about the Nazi leader. Hitler and Braun were 23 years apart in age and began a relationship when she was only 17, which lasted until their deaths by suicide at the end of World War II. Their entire relationship was strange - Hitler wanted to portray a pure image of being married to Germany and shunned Eva when they were in public - and their wedding was no exception. 

Braun followed Hitler loyally for about 16 years, despite him showing greater affection for his dog, Blondi (on whom he tested his poison before using it on himself). In a perversion of the classic Romeo and Juliet love story, the newlyweds killed themselves the day after their wedding ceremony and were burned in their bunker, according to Hitler's last request. 

  • They Got Married The Night Before They Passed

    Braun finally got what she longed for when Hitler agreed to marry her the night before both of them passed. On April 29, 1945, Eva Braun became Eva Hitler in a ceremony in Hitler's Berlin bunker.

    The only reason Hitler and Braun tied the knot was because Hitler knew they would no longer be around by the next afternoon. Braun wore a black dress, with a pair of Italian shoes and some diamonds.

  • Braun Attempted To Take Her Own Life Twice During The Relationship

    Although she was incredibly loyal and devoted to Hitler, Braun was deeply unhappy with the relationship, especially when Hitler refused to marry her. Though the exact cause isn't known, Braun attempted to take her own life twice during her relationship with Hitler - once in 1932 and again in 1935.

    After her second attempt, Hitler gave Braun an apartment, and a year later she moved into his home in the Alps.   

  • Immediately After The Wedding, Hitler Drew Up His Will

    After giving Braun what she desired for nearly 16 years, Hitler retreated to begin planning their suicide. Braun was eager to join her husband in his fate, and had been for a while. A year prior, she had written him a letter, saying, "From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere - even unto death - I live only for your love." 

    Just hours after he married Braun, Hitler drew up his will, which detailed how he and Braun's cadavers were to be disposed. He wrote:

    "I myself and my wife - in order to escape the disgrace of deposition or capitulation - choose death. It is our wish to be burned immediately on the spot where I have carried out the greatest part of my daily work in the course of a twelve years' service to my people."

  • Hitler Didn't Want Braun At His Bunker, But She Refused To Leave

    Hitler didn't ask Braun to come to his bunker in Berlin – in fact, he ordered her to leave when she arrived. Braun refused to leave, however, and chose to remain by Hitler's side until the end.

    When Braun arrived at the Führerbunker, she reportedly told her beloved: "Do you think I will let you die alone?"