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Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun Probably Had The Most Depraved Wedding In World History

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The relationship between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun is just as twisted as anything else about the Nazi leader. Hitler and Braun were 23 years apart in age and began a relationship when she was only 17, which lasted until their deaths by suicide at the end of World War II. Their entire relationship was strange - Hitler wanted to portray a pure image of being married to Germany and shunned Eva when they were in public - and their wedding was no exception. 

Braun followed Hitler loyally for about 16 years, despite him showing greater affection for his dog, Blondi (on whom he tested his poison before using it on himself). In a perversion of the classic Romeo and Juliet love story, the newlyweds killed themselves the day after their wedding ceremony and were burned in their bunker, according to Hitler's last request. 

  • Hitler Likely Chose Braun Because She Didn't Challenge His Authority

    Hitler seemed to like Braun for her loyalty and submissiveness. He once said, on the topic of marriage:

    "A highly intelligent man should take a primitive woman. Imagine if on top of everything else, I had a woman who interfered with my work."

    Braun was disinterested in Hitler's politics, making her the perfect partner. Allegedly, Hitler chose her because she wouldn't question his authority.  


  • Not Even Hitler's Closest Associates Knew The Full Extent Of The Relationship

    Hitler's insistence on keeping his life with Braun as private as possible meant that not even his closest associates knew the full extent of their relationship. The pair essentially led separate lives, even after Braun moved in to Hitler's home in the Alps in 1936.

    Braun was entirely isolated in the Alps and later in Berlin, and her complete indifference to Hitler's politics kept her away from his political associates. The few that knew about Braun included Hitler's chauffeur and housekeeper.