According To This Sect Of Christianity, God Adopted Jesus AFTER He Was Born Mortal

Since Christianity's earliest inception, there have been divisions in philosophical and theological beliefs regarding the nature of Jesus and God. These greater religious disputes have created varied interpretations of the Bible. Some schools of thought have used Gnostic Gospels to provide evidence that the Holy Spirit was feminine or that Jesus had a twin, while others use only the texts of the canonical Bible to provide differing theologies like Adoptionism.

What is Adoptionism? Adoptionism is one of the earliest schools of thought regarding the relationship between Jesus and God. Rather than viewing God and Jesus as separate manifestations of the same divine entity, Adoptionists believed Jesus was born a man and then adopted by God. 

Adoptionism appeared multiple times throughout late antiquity and the medieval era, but the orthodoxy was always quick to hush up the theory and declare it heretical.