Weird Nature Adorable Dog Hilariously Mimics Stuffed Animal Toy  

Rebecca High

You won't be able to stop watching this adorable video of a Pomeranian mimicking his toy seal (or is he trying to communicate with it?), no matter how hard you try to pull your gaze away.

Tiny dogs have a reputation for being aggravatingly yappy, but not Ang Pang. His silver tongue, fluffy features, and happy face have already made him an internet darling.

The South Korean pup has already racked up more than 51k followers on Instagram, and it's no wonder — this adorable creature cannot take a bad photo or video.

You'll be obsessed, too, once you watch this video of a pup and his plaything. Check out the video, and once you're done, head over to Ang Pang's social media for more of his brilliant smile.