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16 Reasons The Pangolin Is The Most Badass Animal You've Never Heard Of

Updated 29 May 2020 65.2k views16 items

Chances are, you've never heard of a pangolin, but you probably know what one looks like. Pangolins are basically a real-life Sandshrew from Pokemon, and in the flesh they're still just as cute as they are on a card. What's more is that these guys are fascinating. They're a scaly mammal, known cuddlers, and they're pretty clumsy even at just trying to walk. In short, they're downright lovable. So if you're wondering what exactly pangolins are, prepare to be enlightened with some amazing pangolin facts.

It's worth mentioning there's a reason you've probably never seen one of these critters before. Not only are they secretive in the wild, and don't survive long in captivity, but they are also critically endangered. In fact, every species of pangolin is, at the very least, listed as vulnerable, because of poaching and over-hunting.

By the end of this list, you'll probably be head over heels for these odd little animals, and hopefully you'll be convinced that this is one weird but adorable species that is absolutely worth saving.

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