This Subreddit Is Dedicated To Posting Pictures Of Pooches Peeping At Things And It's Adorable

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Vote up the cutest dogs that can't keep their eyes to themselves.

From giving severe side-eye to ruining (or perfecting, depending on the perspective) engagement photos, here are some pictures of adorable dogs that just hate to mind their own business. Enjoy!

  • 1. Smart

    Photo: u/Maelarion / Reddit
    23 votes
  • 2. Hmmm

    Photo: u/sidshembekar / Reddit
    22 votes
  • 3. Spotted

    Photo: u/Maelarion / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 4. Considerate

    Photo: u/Maelarion / Reddit
    18 votes
  • 5. I See You

    I See You
    Photo: u/Maelarion / Reddit
    18 votes
  • 6. Good Boi

    Good Boi
    Photo: u/skyrhme / Reddit
    18 votes