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20 Hilarious Ads For Obsolete Technology That Used To Be Insanely Expensive

No better time capsule exists than ads for old technology to show you exactly how far humanity has come. These vintage tech ads shill obsolete technology that was, at one point, not only top-of-the-line, it was considered a bargain. The concept of paying $200+ for a calculator makes little sense when you consider the touch-screen in your pocket can do that, call you a taxi, and take a photo all at the same time. Ads for old technology highlight the major shifts in technology and pricing and how state-of-the-art eventually became the standard of living.

Just take a look at these old technology ads and be blown away by what the cool kids were willing to pay back in the day for obsolete technology. No one wants to check their answering machine today, much less pay over $100 for it, and why shell out over $2,000 to transport tapes when you have Blu-ray and DVD players? At this point, these outdated and expensive ads for old technology serve no purpose other than to point out how much better things are now.

  • Spartan Apple II+ Emulator: $599.00

    Photo: Mimic Systems Inc.
  • Tandy CT-300 Cellular Phone: $1,499.00

    Photo: Sears
  • Sears 8-Digit Electronic Calculator: $98.95

    Photo: Sears
  • Panasonic RX 5500 Stereo: $576.19

    Photo: Panasonic