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19 Dirty Jokes on Animaniacs You Didn't Get As A Kid

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How on Earth did Animaniacs stay on the air so long without offending parents everywhere? The Animaniacs has adult jokes in just about every single episode. From an ink blot test where Yakko only sees girls to Dot singing a version of the song "Making Whoopie," there's a lot that would go over a kid's head. Well, many fans who watched the show as children are adults now and, oh man, did they miss a lot.

There may be many more adult jokes on kids cartoons, but with how often Animaniacs had subtle grown-up humor, it basically cornered the market at the time. Kids might have caught on to the occasional toilet humor and burp gags, but allusions to Freud and Oedipus? Even if kids didn't get it, the characters themselves were quick to acknowledge what they were doing, poking fun at the audience, censors, and family values as a whole.

Which dirty Animaniacs jokes were simply the raunchiest? The cleverest? You can look through this list of the ultimate adult jokes on Animaniacs and help decide which ones really pushed the limits of Animaniacs innuendo And if they're to much for you, well, then, goodnight, everybody!
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    You Don't Want to See Yakko's Stamp Collection

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    You don't think of Christmas as a time for inappropriate humor, but the Warners can make any holiday their time to shine. In this Christmas musical number, Yakko dances with lovely, exotic-sounding showgirls, taking the time to invite one of them over to his place to look at his stamp collection. When she replies that he doesn't have a stamp collection, his comeback implies just enough to get across what he has in mind for her. He also suggests that the ladies might want to take off their heavy costumes only a short while later in the song.
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    Buster and Babs Bunny (No Relation)

    Cameos from other cartoons are common on Animaniacs. During one particular scene, involving Noah's Ark, animals are lining up two by two. When it comes to the rabbits, Buster and Babs from Tiny Toons appear and drop their catchphrase: "I'm Buster Bunny. And I'm Babs Bunny. No relation." Noah quickly responds that he hopes they're not related, because this is supposed to be a family show. It leaves little to the imagination as to what exactly is going on inside the Ark. 
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    The Warners Go Greek While Shopping

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    How do the Warners even know who Oedipus is? When looking for a gift for Dr. Scratchandsniff, Dot suggests buying him an outfit from Oedipus Rex menswear. Yakko shoots the idea down because "...his mom would hate those." If you know the story of Oedipus, you know how messed up that is. As a few bonus jokes, they also touch on Freud, the term 'birthday suit,' and scantily clad women. The whole clip is full of adult gags!
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    The Delicate Art of Conjugation

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    How many youngsters know the word "conjugate?" Well, if they do, they know more than young Yakko. During a schooling session, the teacher asks if Yakko knows how to conjugate and he misunderstands the word, seizing on the fact that "conjugating" has the weirdly dry sound of clinical sex terminology.
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