animated 19 Dirty Jokes on Animaniacs You Didn't Get As A Kid  

Laura Allan
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How on Earth did Animaniacs stay on the air so long without offending parents everywhere? The Animaniacs has adult jokes in just about every single episode. From an ink blot test where Yakko only sees girls to Dot singing a version of the song "Making Whoopie," there's a lot that would go over a kid's head. Well, many fans who watched the show as children are adults now and, oh man, did they miss a lot.

There may be many more adult jokes on kids cartoons, but with how often Animaniacs had subtle grown-up humor, it basically cornered the market at the time. Kids might have caught on to the occasional toilet humor and burp gags, but allusions to Freud and Oedipus? Even if kids didn't get it, the characters themselves were quick to acknowledge what they were doing, poking fun at the audience, censors, and family values as a whole.

Which dirty Animaniacs jokes were simply the raunchiest? The cleverest? You can look through this list of the ultimate adult jokes on Animaniacs and help decide which ones really pushed the limits of Animaniacs innuendo And if they're to much for you, well, then, goodnight, everybody!
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The Infamous "Fingerprints"

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This is possibly the most well known dirty joke from the show. The Warners are investigating a crime, looking for clues, which is a pretty innocent start, right? Yakko instructs Dot to look for prints and she comes back to him with... well, Prince. When Yakko tries to clarify, he only makes things worse. You've got to hand it to Dot, though, her response to his suggestion is pretty priceless and thoroughly grown-up.
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All of the Hello Nurse Moments

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Hello Nurse has got to be one of the most lewdly drawn characters in a cartoon aimed at children. Whenever she's onscreen, bouncing and jiggling as she does, the Warner Brothers tend to go slack-jawed and googly-eyed. It's pretty obvious what sort of interest they have in her, and they rarely miss a moment to oogle her or crack an arched-eyebrow sex joke at her expense, even from this first scene she's in. Every single Hello Nurse moment would make a for a very, very long list.
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This Show Doesn't Understand "Privacy"

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Minerva Mink isn't a character so much as a 100% caricature of ridiculous sex appeal. In this specific scene, the Warners go voyeuristic as she tries to take off her towel for a nice swim in a pond. After Dot unceremoniously removes Yakko and Wakko from the scene, Minerva complains about the lack of privacy. And while her naughty bits are indeed covered, that silhouette of her nude form doesn't exactly scream "privacy."
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Someone Asks for the Bird and Doesn't Get It

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This joke is actually used a few times in the series, but it never fails to get a stifled laugh from any adults watching. A character asks the Warners for the bird, in this case a turkey set to be killed for Thanksgiving dinner. In response, the Warners say that they'd love to, but can't for a very particular reason. The joke goes over the character's head, as well as the heads of younger viewers.