Fan Theories About Adult Animation Movies That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Animated adult movies, in addition to being hilarious, can really make you think. These movies made some viewers ponder so much that they turned to Reddit to share the wild adult animation theories that have been rattling around in their brains. 

Some of these animation fan theories may be more "out there" than others, but they all have the capacity to shock movie buffs.

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    'Rango' Is Just A Hallucination That Johnny Depp's Character From 'Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas' Is Having

    'Rango' Is Just A Hallucination That Johnny Depp's Character From 'Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas' Is Having
    Photo: Rango / Paramount Pictures

    From Redditor u/BritishTeaEnthusiast:

    Besides the fact that both are played by Johnny Depp, the events of both films take place in the Mojave Desert, and the two characters also dress extremely similarly (initially). Bearing this theory in mind, as most dreams contain the events of the previous days, the fact that Rango is a lizard could be a recollection [of] the cannibal lizards Raoul saw in the bar.

    Also, when Raoul wakes up, his hotel room is flooded, and he is wearing a lizard tail. The lizard tail is due to his character in the hallucination, whereas at the end of Rango, the town is flooded briefly, which suggests that when he wrecked his hotel room, it was under the belief that he was Rango.

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    Why Beavis And Butt-Head Weren’t Impressed By The Geyser In 'Beavis and Butt-Head Do America'

    From Redditor u/TwoSnapsMack:

    [I don't know] if this was supposed to be obvious, but at one point in the movie, they stop at a geyser where the tour guide is stating facts. Beavis and Butt-Head give the guy a hard time, saying that the geyser gallons aren’t impressive - “That’s not that much, really.”

    The reason... is, earlier in the film, they had visited... Hoover Dam and saw much more water being used and in a much more useful way than the geyser (given the commentary Beavis was giving, “Well, I’ll be damned!”). Basically, the two were paying attention earlier and just comparing the Hoover Dam to the geyser.

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    Operation Dark Storm Was Unironically An Act Of Military Genius In 'The Animatrix'

    From Redditor u/sturmovic:

    In the great war between mankind and machines, the human decision to cover the Earth in perpetual darkness seems like an incredible mix of madness and stupidity - this [wipes out] humanity's agricultural base, and it turned out that the machines worked just fine without sunlight. The machines go on to win... and create the Matrix. However, the move would make total sense if the human leadership had no real intention of winning... on Earth at that point and enacted the protocol to cover for a colony on the moon or elsewhere in the solar system. Given how long the [conflict] dragged on... there'd have been plenty of time to turbocharge a space colonization program.

    The machines win Earth as a worthless, barren prize and are jailed in it for the rest of eternity. In fact, the final scene at the UN where a nuclear weapon is detonated as soon as the human declaration of surrender is signed may well have been the capstone to the plan - ensuring that any surviving human leaders are not able to spill the beans about the surviving colonies.

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    'Sausage Party' Serves As A Prequel To 'VeggieTales'

    'Sausage Party' Serves As A Prequel To 'VeggieTales'
    Photo: Sausage Party / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/SaucySaiyan216:

    After finding out the beliefs they’ve been taught their entire lives have been a lie and that the “Gods” they once worshipped were eating them in “The Great Beyond,” the various food items ended up going to war - driving humanity to extinction. Due to... the [extreme hunger] that followed... humankind pear-ished (lol). In the aftermath of humanity’s extinction, a new conflict emerged. The food[s] engage in a race-driven civil war, [p]itting (pun) Veggies against the meat products.

    In the early days... the meat products seemed to have the upper hand. But in the end, meat had one major vulnerability... It spoils and cannot reproduce (make more of itself) as quick or as easy as Veggies. Soon, meats would be rotting and decomposing, leaving only some with more added chemicals, which preserved them to fend for themselves. These added chemicals, meant to preserve the food to last longer for human consumption, ended up causing mental disorders to develop in the sentient foods now roaming the earth. A few generations after... with the Veggies victorious, the Veggies decided the “Gods” they once worshipped had to have a God of their own. So, they searched and found bibles, which they used as their new religion. Holding close to their new God's words. And so ends the story on how Sausage Party was the prequel to VeggieTales. A story of extinction, genocide, [prejudice], and religion - all taught at a Sunday school near you.

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    'Rango' Never Left That Terrarium

    From Redditor u/Ennovative:

    Rango has a unique way of speaking. He has an extensive vocabulary, in tandem with the most uncommon word usage. If you notice, every one of his companions speak in the same manner he does. As if it's not what they are saying, but what Rango is saying for their characters. I would write down every instance, but now that I mention it, if you've seen the movie, you know exactly what I am talking about.

    Closing the movie, you begin to see similar landmarks seen around his terrarium. First, you see the Barbie doll, then the plastic palm tree - items only seen in the beginning and ending of the movie.

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    The Drej Were Justified In Going After The Humans In 'Titan A.E.'

    From Redditor u/Valorumguygee:

    In Titan A.E., an alien race known as the Drej, who are beings made of pure energy, destroy Earth out of fear of what the humans "could become." The Titan project was a ship loaded with the DNA of every living creature on earth and is ultimately meant as a re-seeding device that could also build a new planet to seed. However, it needed more energy than was available to function. It seems to me that the two may actually be linked. It's possible that the humans actually had been working for far longer on this project than was known, and that the only source of energy strong enough to power the Titan was the Drej all along. Earth is shown as fairly dusty and dying at the beginning of the film... They needed a new home to survive. They knew that wiping out an entire race to save themselves would be seen as evil and wrong, so they needed an excuse to do it. The war, however, went much worse for the humans than they thought it would. They had to hide it...

    Korso knew Cale's father, who had designed Titan. Cale had the catalyst in the ring his father gave to him; when they got separated, Korso spent years looking for him. When he found him, it was clear the Drej were still hunting the humans. Possibly in order to save themselves. Now with the activation of the device, killing the Drej would be seen as an act of defense, since they had spent so many years terrorizing the galaxy looking for the humans. Cale could have been part of the plan all along, faking being a traitor in order to lure the Drej into the ice nebula, and murdering them guilt-free. Only Korso would know, and that knowledge died with him. The plan to use the Drej ended up working. The Drej were converted into the energy needed, and the planet was created.

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