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Dexter's Laboratory is full of inappropriate jokes not aimed at the target audience. The Dexter's Laboratory innuendos on this list might surprise you. After all, when you think of the classic animated series, you probably remember a grumpy redheaded boy genius and his irrepressible sister. You don't think of winking references to sex.

Whiles fans don't immediately remember the adult jokes on Dexter’s Laboratory, there are plenty of moments that grown-ups would've found funny. Some cartoons do them subtly, others make it very clear, and Dexter’s Laboratory did a little bit of both. With some dirty jokes, you’ll have "aha" moments, while others will make you wonder how you could’ve missed them.
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Dexter Hires a Stripper

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In the episode “Replacement Sisters,” Dee Dee gets fired and Dexter replaces her with this gal. One can only assume that she’s a stripper. Not because she’s busty, but because at one point she says she’ll dance for extra money.
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The Neighbor Lady’s Butt Is “Dad’s Trophy”

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Pretty self-explanatory: Neighbor Lady bends over to pick something up, revealing “Dad’s Trophy” written across her butt cheeks.
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Dexter’s Parents Make Some Sexual Innuendo

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It turns out they’re just playing Twister, but since they're mostly out of frame and all that's visible are limbs akimbo and intertwined body parts, the assumption is obvious. In case it's not, his mom even says “Honey, I don’t think that’s gonna fit" as the two shiver and grunt.
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Pushing Dexter's Buttons Fires Him Up

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In “Replacement Sisters,” the busty blonde Dexter hires asks, “What does this button do?” repeatedly in a sensual voice. Dexter has to excuse himself, and it sounds like he walks off screen to dump cold water on himself, but who knows what might’ve been happening. All that’s for certain is he returns soaking wet.