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Adult Dexter's Laboratory Jokes You Didn't Catch as a Kid

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Dexter's Laboratory is full of inappropriate jokes not aimed at the target audience. The Dexter's Laboratory innuendos on this list might surprise you. After all, when you think of the classic animated series, you probably remember a grumpy redheaded boy genius and his irrepressible sister. You don't think of winking references to sex.

Whiles fans don't immediately remember the adult jokes on Dexter’s Laboratory, there are plenty of moments that grown-ups would've found funny. Some cartoons do them subtly, others make it very clear, and Dexter’s Laboratory did a little bit of both. With some dirty jokes, you’ll have "aha" moments, while others will make you wonder how you could’ve missed them.
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    Just a Quick Cannabis Reference

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    In an episode titled “Mountain Mandark,” Mandark’s parents take him on a nature walk. At one point, his mother says, “There’s a cornucopia of sustenance to be harvested from our great, giving earth” as she crouches near what appears to be marijuana plants.
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    Dee Dee’s Inappropriate Anagram

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    Dexter and Dee Dee have decoder rings, and when the two are arguing about their respective fan clubs, Dee Dee states, “Dexter, your club is for big IDKSC!” The anagram is pretty clear already, but Dexter decodes it and, shocked, declares, "Hey, I'm gonna tell mom!"
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    Dexter Hires a Stripper

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    In the episode “Replacement Sisters,” Dee Dee gets fired and Dexter replaces her with this gal. One can only assume that she’s a stripper. Not because she’s busty, but because at one point she says she’ll dance for extra money.
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    The Banned Episode

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    “Rude Removal” is a season two episode of Dexter's Laboratory that initially didn't air because of salty language. A lot of salty language. More than 15 years later, however, it aired on Adult Swim. In the episode, Dexter invents a machine that removes the rudeness personality trait, but when Dexter and Dee Dee separate from the rude versions of themselves, they must deal with the extremely mean counterparts. Seriously, there are f-bombs being dropped and just foul language galore that would've been too much for 1997, even if the whole thing were chock full of bleeps.


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