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20+ Things McDonald's Should Put in Happy Meals for Grown-Ups

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What would you want in a grown-up happy meal??

The cheap little toys that accompany McDonald's Happy Meals seem to be a source of great joy to children (not the children making the toys overseas; the children eating the Happy Meals), so why not dream up some things McDonald's should put in adult Happy Meals that would get us even more excited for our Big Macs? After all, why should kids have all the fun? We deserve rewards for eating poorly, too!

But what would put a smile on an adult's face when opening that magic meal box? Certainly not a plastic ninja turtle, or a Lego toy made from the company's irregular-fitting blocks. Adults have a very different idea about what makes for a good time than their pint-sized offspring.

Here are some things that should be in McDonald's Happy Meals for grown-ups, should they ever choose to offer any. Vote up the things that would make YOU a more satisfied consumer of the big M's food.