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Adult Hey Arnold Jokes That Probably Went Over Your Head

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You may remember Hey Arnold for Stoop Kid, Helga's unrequited love, or, of course, the main character's unforgettable football head. You laughed along as the gang navigated the sticky situations that come up in middle school. But you probably didn't catch all of the adult jokes in the show. Maybe you noticed your parents giggling mysteriously at certain moments while you obliviously smiled along with Harold or Grandpa. Well, they were probably laughing at one of the many dirty jokes in the cartoon. Check out these list of adult jokes in Hey Arnold to find out what you were missing the whole time. You'll never look at cartoons the same way again.
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    Ernie Gave Arnold Some Questionable Advice

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    In season one’s tenth episode, “The Old Building,” Ernie talked to Arnold about a wrecking ball, but his word choice was questionable. He encouraged Arnold to practice an exercise of “reach, pull” and says that if he does it every day, he’ll be ready “when the big moment comes.”
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    Grandpa Almost Read Arnold an Inappropriate Story

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    Grandpa was reading to Arnold from a book, when he began to tell a story of “the hottest night the jungle ever had.” After a minute, he realized it was going to an inappropriate place, and stopped.
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    The Substitute Arnold Had a Crush on Had an Interesting Name

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    Voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Miss Felter was a substitute teacher whom Arnold had a crush on. Many speculate now that the name Felter was intended to sound like the phrase “felt her.” 
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    Helga’s Mom Was an Alcoholic

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    It wasn’t a single distinct moment that revealed this, instead it was the sum total of her actions and behaviors. Helga's mom slurred her words, made “smoothies,” dozed off in random places, had her license revoked, and was once required to do community service. That last part sounds a whole like the punishment for a DUI.
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