24 Unbelievable (SFW) Things About the 'Adult Industry'

The adult industry is the biggest "elephant in the room" in terms of the internet. It's also one of the most lucrative industries and provides tons of jobs. Odds are, multiple people you're close to have a very special, intimate bond with this type of media. Regardless of the overwhelming popularity, there are lots of common misconceptions about the adult industry.  

Take a look through this list of interesting industry secrets. Whether you find yourself typing "adult" into that search engine or not, it's a fascinating world that people often don't take the time to... familiarize themselves with. Before you embark on a search, take a minute to read about the baffling and crazy statistics and secrets that make up the largest industry in the world.

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    Every Second, There Are 28,258 Users Watching On The Internet

    At this moment, nearly 30,000 people are people are watching adult entertainment online. In the time you've taken to read this information, more than 20,000 more people have joined in that activity.

    Close to 400 people actively search for adult websites every second, and more than $3,000 is spent on adult entertainment online every second, as well. 

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    Every Hour, This Site Becomes A Click Millionaire

    In 2017, the most popular adult video website on the internet boasted more than 28 billion unique visitors.

    Since then, the site in question has enjoyed an uptick of 81 million visitors daily, which speaks to the popularity of this online medium. 

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    One In Five Mobile Device Searches Centers On Adult Content

    Covenant Eyes reported a Google research project that showed one in five searches on mobile devices centers on graphic material.

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    Women Participate Behind The Camera

    The adult industry is a touchy subject when it comes to gender roles and sexism. However, women work in this industry in front of the camera and behind it.

    Many women have been recognized for their contributions as producers and directors of adult films.