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Adult Moments You Never Noticed in A Bug's Life

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A Bug's Life came out around the same time as Antz, another kid's movie about insects. At the time of its release, critics recognized Antz as a very adult movie, chock full of jokes and themes that probably went right over the heads of young audience members. But it wasn't the only insect movie with adult content hidden in material for children. It’s time to shine a light on the grown-up oriented moments in A Bug’s Life, which range from subtle jokes a kid wouldn't understand, to dirty humor, to outright worse-than-G violence and innuendo. 
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    The Fly Who Propositions the Ladybug

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    At the circus, one of the Fly Brothers catcalls Francis the ladybug, hollering, “Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?!” A bold proposition of sexual intercourse for a kid's movie. 

    Francis then boldly rebukes gender normative assumptions by daintily buzzing over to the Fly Brother before angrily tossing his headwear aside and yelling, “So, being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl, is that it, Flyboy?”
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    The Drunk Mosquito

    Photo: Buena Vista Pictures
    There’s a mosquito at the bar ordering a “Bloody Mary 0+.” He quickly sucks it up, bloating his belly before passing out. So he gets drunk off a blood type, which is pretty funny, and also looks like he's snorting coke. Killing a lot of birds with one stone there, Pixar. 
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    The Snail with Food Allergies

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    Salt kills snails, which is why Slick freaks out when he’s trying to eat and his mouth begins sizzling. He shouts, “Hey, I said no salt!”
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    Dr. Flora Tries to Hit on an Ant Then Wants to Use It as a Sex Doll

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    During the gag reel, we see Dr. Flora lean over to an ant and ask, “So, is there a Mrs. Ant you have to tunnel home to?” As she touches the ant it tips over; turns out it's a cardboard cut out. She laughs and says, “Oh, dear. Put that thing in my car.” That final part implies she's going to still make use of it, so...cardboard sex doll?
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