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Adult Jokes Hidden In Dr. Seuss Movies That Went Right Over Your Head

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Just as Dr. Seuss books are written for kids, the films are supposed to be child-friendly as well. However, turning those fairly short stories into full-length movies is a pretty difficult task, and somewhere along the way, writers got creative – perhaps a little too creative.

It's actually pretty common for there to be jokes aimed at adults in children's movies - just look at the amount of adult jokes in Pixar movies. And while there have only been a few Dr. Seuss movies, there's plenty of non-PG rated humor in them. It’s time we take a look at just how dirty they got and dive into the adult jokes in Dr. Seuss movies. Vote up the jokes you're most surprised actually made it into the film.
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    The Citizens of Whoville Attend a Key Party

    Video: YouTube
    This is the definition of a subtle adult joke that even some grownups won’t pick up on. As seen at 1:37 in the clip from The Grinch above, there are people dropping a bunch of keys in a bowl. If you’re unfamiliar with a key party, it's basically a swingers' party - couples show up, the men drop their keys into a bowl, and at the end of the night, the women pick a set at random and go home with whoever they belong to.
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    The Grinch Is Fed Something Foul

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    In The Grinch, When the Grinch judges the Who Pudding Cook-Off, he has spoonfuls of pudding shoved into his mouth. At one point, some creepy fella comes by and inserts a spoonful of something, stating “This is not pudding.” The Grinch asks “What is it?” as he spits it out. We never find out what it was, but it definitely wasn’t fudge.
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    The Mayor of Whoville Seems a Bit Distracted from His Job

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    In Horton Hears a Who!, the Mayor of Whoville says, “I have 96 daughters and one son." Horton chuckles and replies, “Whoa! Busy guy,” presumably because it’d take a whole lot of sexual activity to make 97 babies.
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    The Cat Has Puns for Days

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    In The Cat in the Hat, while riding Mrs. Kwan, the Cat, Sally, and Conrad pass a toilet that’s spewing out flames. The Cat says, “Something like that really burns my a—“ before an unexpected drop cuts him off. 
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