Juvenile Jokes You Never Noticed in Finding Nemo

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Disney's Finding Nemo is an all-time classic from 2003. You might remember this animated treasure for a number of reasons, from Dory’s silliness to the seagulls yelling “MINE,” but there are other things you might not recall. Within this super-successful film are some things you may not be privy to. It’s known that there are dirty jokes in Pixar movies from time to time, so let’s search for the adult humor in Finding Nemo like they’re the abducted fish himself.

It's not necessarily that there are a lot of dirty jokes in Pixar movies. It's just that Pixar is really good at creating animated films that both adults and children can enjoy, and that means throwing in some jokes that only adults will appreciate. This list takes you through all the adult jokes in Finding Nemo. Vote up the most surprising ones you never noticed before.