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Subtlest Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Kids' Video Games

Hidden adult jokes aren't just for SpongeBob and Disney, plenty of supposedly kid friendly games are riddled with mature jokes and innuendos. Sometimes the jokes feel innocent enough at first glance but other times their adult content is immediately apparent. From implied prostitution to drunkenness, some kids' video games are filled to the brim with adult jokes.

To count as a kids' game on this list, a video game has to be appropriate at least at first glance. Some of the adult jokes in kids games are put their secretly by the developers while others are part of the original script. Luckily for us, more than a few have gotten by the ESRB raters and end up in the final cut of the game. There have even been a few infamous instances where dirty jokes in video games where scrapped half-hardheartedly so that somewhere in the game you could still find their remnants if you looked hard enough.

A few of these adult jokes require a special code or button sequence, but the best ones are the ones that are hidden in plain sight. Some are more subtle than others but one thing is for sure, adult jokes in video games that should be appropriate for kids are just a little bit funnier than everything else.

Enjoy this list of adult jokes you never noticed in kid's video games.
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    The Undressed Lady In Secret Of Mana

    Photo: Square

    In this old game, every once in a while when you flipped to a certain page in a spell book, a woman without clothes on would appear instead of a spell. Maybe she was the spell.  The world will never know.

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    The Undressed Woman In Kirby's Dream Land 2

    Photo: HAL Laboratory

    Okay so it's not exactly a woman, but it is certainly the anatomy of a woman.

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    The Case Of The Magically Enlarged Breasts

    Photo: Insomniac Games
    In Ratchet and Clank 2, If you jump around enough in front of this alien, her breasts grow considerably over time.
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    The Strip Club In Crash Bandicoot

    Video: YouTube
    No explanation needed. 
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