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Adult Jokes You Missed In 'The Lego Movies'

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Just because The Lego Movie franchise is based on children's toys doesn't mean it can only be enjoyed by easily distracted youngsters. Although these flicks might seem wholesome and charming on the surface, they actually offer a rollercoaster ride of blatantly sassy quips and subtle one-liners. The cast of each feature is filled with personalities that pack side-splitting punches, and some choice Lego Movie quotes could easily be mistaken for extracts from adult-oriented Comedy Central specials. 

Multiple films are centered around the Lego world's zany characters, with each one throwing line after line of quick-witted zingers. Since all funny Lego gags need to be discreet enough to scrape by censors, many dirty references fly right over the target audience's heads. If you didn't catch them the first time, you're not alone.

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