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Off-Color Jokes For Grown-Ups That Kids Never Noticed In Pixar Movies

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No studio has a hold on the world's heart quite like Pixar. The company has mastered the art of manipulation, putting cute characters in heart-wrenching situations in order to toy with our emotions. Although they seem like they're mainly for kids, there's a ton of adult jokes in Pixar movies to appeal to the older audience members.

This is a list of dirty jokes in Pixar movies that you never noticed. A lot of these go beyond Pixar Easter eggs; they suggest something far dirtier and naughtier.  Vote up the ones that broke your brain the most.
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    Cars - Tow Cap: Hitch Protection

    Photo: Pixar
    Remember kids, always wrap your hitch. One of Rusty Cornfuel's sponsors is Tow Cap: Hitch Protection, whose logo is a piece of rubber on a hitch. I guess they don't want any unexpected automobile pregnancies. 
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    Cars - The Top Down Truckstop

    Photo: Pixar
    Everything about the Top Down Truckstop makes it sound like a strip club. Add the name to the fact that there's a smaller sign underneath it that says "All Convertible Waitresses," and it's hard to miss the joke. 
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    Cars 2 - 'And When She Starts Gigglin', Prepare to Be Squirted'

    Photo: Pixar
    Sure, Mater is talking about the bathroom, but his awkward wording can't help but give the more mature audience members pause. 
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    Cars 2 - Lemon Party

    Photo: Pixar
    Right off the bat, don't google Lemon Party. Don't do it. You've been warned. With something so dirty, it's crazy how a sly reference to it got slipped into a Pixar movie. In Cars 2, the bad guys are lemons, meaning ugly cars, and eventually they throw a party. That's right, they have a Lemon Party, but thank God it didn't turn out the same way. 
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