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Adult Jokes in the Shrek Movies That Went Over Your Head

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Shrek and its sequels have entertained both kids and adults for years. One reason these films have withstood the test of time is due to the hidden adult humor in Shrek movies. Parents are able to enjoy the dirty jokes in Shrek films without the little ones getting the subtle references to sex, drugs, and other stuff for grown-ups.

Here is a list of some of the adult jokes in Shrek and its sequels that you were probably too young to catch the you first saw the movies as a youngster, but are plenty mature enough to enjoy now.
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    Snow White's Not "Easy"

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    When Lord Farquaad listens to a list of potential princesses to marry in Shrek, the Magic Mirror brings up Snow White's living situation. The Mirror casually mentions that "although she lives with seven other men, she's not easy." The rim shot after this comment hammers home the joke.

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    Lord Farquaad Playing With His Little Farquaad

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    In one of the more discreet jokes in Shrek, Lord Farquaad is in bed and asks the Magic Mirror to show him Fiona again. The look on the Mirror's face and Farquaad's quick peek under the covers fill in the rest.

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    Donkey's Dream

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    In Shrek, Donkey talks in his sleep and seems to be dreaming about getting intimate with someone. This is quickly interrupted when Shrek wakes him up for an egg breakfast.

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    Lord Farquaad = Lord F*ckwad

    The Shrek writers playfully hid a swear inside a character's name so well that it wasn't uncovered for years. If you say "Lord Farquaad" as quickly as you can, it easily breaks down to "Lord F*ckwad." While this hidden f-bomb hasn't been confirmed by DreamWorks, many posters on Reddit certainly believe it to be true.
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