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Adult Jokes in the Shrek Movies That Went Over Your Head

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Shrek and its sequels have entertained both kids and adults for years. One reason these films have withstood the test of time is due to the hidden adult humor in Shrek movies. Parents are able to enjoy the dirty jokes in Shrek films without the little ones getting the subtle references to sex, drugs, and other stuff for grown-ups.

Here is a list of some of the adult jokes in Shrek and its sequels that you were probably too young to catch the you first saw the movies as a youngster, but are plenty mature enough to enjoy now.
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    "Do You Think He's Compensating For Something?"

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    When Shrek and Donkey go visit Duloc, Shrek notices the immense height and size of Lord Farquaad's ~tower~. He then utters this quote, implying that Farquaad might be not be very well-endowed. This innuendo was lost on the kids, but gave adults a laugh.

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    "Wipe Your... Face"

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    At the entrance of Duloc, Shrek and Donkey watch an animatronic puppet show sing the laws and rules of the city. The puppets instruct visitors to, "keep off of the grass, shine your shoes," and "wipe your..." - they then showcased their rear ends. Then, all the puppets turned around to say "face!" in an awkward non-rhyme.

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    Robin Hood Loves To Get... Paid

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    When Robin Hood makes his musical debut in Shrek, his merry men talk up his bravery and character. As he is about fight off Shrek and "rescue" Fiona, Robin says he likes a "saucy little maid" and his men imply that he likes to get-- "Paid!"

    Robin interrupts with that word for the kiddos, while adults know what Robin is really after.
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    References To COPS And The OJ Simpson Chase

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    One scene in Shrek 2 was an ode to COPS. KNIGHTS had jerky camera movements in the style of the police show and followed a literal white bronco (referencing the infamous OJ Simpson police chase). There is even a moment when catnip is found on Puss and he declares, "That's, uh, not mine."

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