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Adult Jokes You Never Noticed in 'Space Jam'

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A classic for '90s kids, especially those who enjoyed sports, Space Jam is remembered for giving us MJ, the greatest basketball player ever, in a world with cartoons. Returning to Space Jam as an adult, however, it isn't the psychedelic journey of professional athletes traveling through space with animated animals that stands out, but the adult jokes scattered throughout the film. Revist the most inappropriate moments in this children's classic.  
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    Patrick Ewing’s Sex Life

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    After losing their powers, the players in Space Jam see a psychiatrist, who asks Patrick Ewing if there are “any other areas aside from basketball that you find yourself…unable to perform?” Ewing is appalled, angry the doc's even asking. He quickly replies “No!”
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    Bugs Bunny’s Metaphorical Erection

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    When Bugs meets Lola, she shows off her impressive basketball skills, schooling him on the court. Afterward, she leans in and tells him, “Don’t ever call me ‘doll." Bugs becomes straight and stiff, clearly experiencing full body arousal.
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    The Race Joke

    Video: YouTube

    On the golf course, Bill Murray and Michael Jordan have a conversation about Larry Bird that goes as follows:

    Bill Murray: Do you think I have a shot in the NBA?
    Michael Jordan: No.
    Bill Murray: Is it because I’m white?
    Michael Jordan: Larry Bird is white.
    Bill Murray: Larry isn’t white, he’s clear.
    Michael Jordan: True.
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    Daffy Duck’s Crotch Is Branded

    Photo: Warner Bros.
    In one scene, Daffy Duck lifts his bottom to expose the Warner Brothers logo stamped on his nether regions. Pretty bold stuff there, considering it seems like there are better options for ad placement.
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