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Adult Jokes You Missed In 'Superman: The Animated Series'

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While most of the Man of Steel's dirtier moments have taken place in the comics, there are quite a few adult jokes in the Superman cartoon. In fact, things get downright weird in Superman: The Animated Series. Whether it's a joke made in the background or something said by one of Supes's many villains, there is no shortage of surprisingly dirty lines on the show. You might wonder if the censors watched these episodes before they hit the air at all.

They're not the most taboo adult jokes in cartoons, but it's still shocking to hear them on a show about the world's most respectable hero. You won't catch Superman himself making questionable remarks at female characters or anything of the sort, but his cast of supporting characters apparently have the filthiest minds in Metropolis.

Just be warned: once you look at the dirtiest adult jokes in Superman: The Animated Series, you'll never look at the Big Blue Boy Scout the same way again.

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    Joker 'Makes Ha-Ha' With Harley Quinn

    When it comes to the Joker and Harley Quinn, you can't really say those two "make love," can you? In Season 2, episode 16, "World's Finest," a criminal named Binko is interrogated by Batman about the Clown Prince of Crime's whereabouts. The criminal responds that the Joker is "making ha-ha with Harley Quinn."

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    Lex Luthor's Assets Are 'So Big!'

    Lex Luthor spends some time on his yacht with a female companion in Season 1, episode 7, "The Way of All Flesh." When viewers first see the yacht, they hear a woman saying, "It's so big, Mr Luthor," which might make them think some funny business is going on in the captain's quarters. The next shot clarifies that Lex and the woman are actually enjoying some caviar and that she was talking about the ship itself. Sure.

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    Superman Gets Frisky With The Furies

    In Season 4, episode 2, "Legacy," Superman turns evil and joins Darkseid after being brainwashed into thinking he's the supervillain's adopted son. At one point, it's made clear that Darkseid has been rewarding Supes for his evil deeds with nights with his group of female warriors. The Furies just love to rub up on the Man of Steel when he gets home.

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    Livewire And Parasite Only Speak In Double Entendres

    Season 2, episode 10, "Double Dose," is full of adult winks to the audience. But nothing tops the dialogue between villains Livewire and Parasite. Just look at this exchange:

    Livewire: You can look, but don't touch.
    Parasite: Don't be afraid, I know how to control my power.
    Livewire: That's what they all say.

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