The Jim Carrey Version Of 'The Grinch' Is Packed With Adult Jokes You Didn’t Get As A Kid

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Like all good movies marketed to children, the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas contains an abundance of jokes more suited for the adults in the audience than the kids. To keep parents happy, these jokes usually come in the form of split-second scenes or quick, seemingly off-the-cuff references. Though they're hard to unsee, most of them are hilarious.

If you're living under a rock in Whoville and unfamiliar with the Grinch, here's a quick recap: he's the Dr. Seuss character who hates Christmas, humanity, and pretty much everything else. "His heart is two sizes too small," Dr. Seuss opined.

Through the Grinch's unexpected friendship with little Cindy Lou Who, the lime-green curmudgeon transforms and rediscovers the meaning of Christmas. In both the book and animated film adaptation, this is about as deep as the plot gets - but in the 2000 film directed by Ron Howard, which stars Carrey alongside Taylor Momsen, dirty Dr. Seuss jokes abound.