Nostalgia Adult Jokes You Never Noticed in the Incredibles  

Jacoby Bancroft
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It's always such an unexpected treat when you grow up and watch your favorite kids movies again, only to find dirty jokes in cartoons that you totally missed when you were younger. A lot of great animated movies will slip in some adult humor in order to please the parents who were dragged by their screaming kids into theaters. The Incredibles stands as one of Pixar's finest achievements because of its ability to appeal to both children and adults. And it's definitely true that some jokes in The Incredibles lean more toward the adult side than most people realize. Check out the list below for the best The Incredibles jokes you didn't catch the first time you watched the movie.
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The Henchman Drinking Game
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Pixar movies aren't known for their use of alcohol, but The Incredibles managed to slip in a joke that most people gloss over. When Mr. Incredible is sneaking up on a bunch of unsuspecting henchmen, they're distracted by news coverage of the giant robot attack. Before Mr. Incredible proceeds to beat them all up, you can hear one of the henchmen say that they need to take a shot every time someone runs away. 
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The Peeping Tom
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The world of The Incredibles is filled with super-powered people saving the day on a regular basis, but apparently some use their abilities for more perverted purposes. The montage showing the downfall of the superhero era quickly cuts to a newspaper article suggesting that X-ray vision might have been used for more than just looking through buildings to catch a bad guy.
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The Big BS
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In Jack Jack Attack, the animated included in the movie, audiences saw things from a poor babysitter's perspective as she dealt with a hellish demonic baby. She was glad when Syndrome came knocking on the door, saying he was the replacement sitter and was there to take her spot. She asked about the giant "S" on his chest, to which he replied that it stood for "Sitter." Why not "baby sitter?" According to Syndrome, walking around with a giant "BS" on his shirt simply wouldn't look right. 
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Flirtatious Banter
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If you want sizzling sexual tension, look no further than the first encounter between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Their witty banter soon evolves into steamy bedroom eyes. A final line from Elastigirl about being "flexible" pushes the limits of generally kid-friendly Pixar humor. If the goal was to get turned on by an animated stretchy girl... mission accomplished. 
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