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Adult Jokes From 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' That You Missed As A Kid

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a go-to film in the late '80s and early '90s, wearing out VCRs all over the world. For every dueling piano between cartoon ducks, there were plenty of adult jokes. If you haven’t watched the movie in a while, take a look. Surprisingly, it touches on the ways dirty money worked its way into Los Angeles's civic planning. As grown-up a topic as that is, the dirty jokes in Who Framed Roger Rabbit are just as interesting and range from winking innuendo to sophisticated wordplay.

If you know anything about the history of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, dirty jokes are basically the bread and butter of the original book's author, Gary K. Wolf. His surreal brand of dark humor gave birth to the somewhat watered-down style of the film.

The finished product isn’t just a textbook example of the hero’s journey, or an intersection of high and low cultures - the adult humor in Who Framed Roger Rabbit includes some of the smartest dumb jokes you’ll ever see or hear, and even if you know about some of the more famous adult bits, you probably didn't catch them all.

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    Jessica's Booby Trap

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    While searching Jessica for Mr. Acme's last will and testament, one of the weasels reaches down into Jessica's cleavage, where he gets a hand full of bear trap. The joke's pretty clear already, but Eddie helpfully puts a button on it by saying, "Nice booby trap."
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    Is That a Rabbit in Your Pocket?

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    While Roger is on the lamb, he accompanies Eddie to Delores's bar. But Roger can't just walk around town (he's a wanted man after all), so he hides in Eddie's coat in the most conspicuous way possible. If the visual isn't enough, Dolores actually asks, "Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
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    The Writing on the Wall

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    The men's room wall that is. In an out-of-order men's room in Toon Town, there's a message to the gents that reads, "For a good time call Allyson 'Wonderland.' The best is yet to be." There's a lot to break down in to sentences, but Allyson Wonderland is obviously meant to be Alice in Wonderland, and "The best is yet to be" is simply a cleaned up version of "The best is yet to come" and if you don't get that, then go ask your mother.

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    Eddie's Artistic Pursuits

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    Any scene with Jessica Rabbit is loaded to the gills with sexual energy, so much so that you can't even really call it innuendo. But when he's caught with is pants down (underscored by a timpani drum, no less) Delores shows up and drops the best burn of the entire film: "Dabblin' in water colors Eddie?" Boom. Roasted.
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