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Adult Jokes on The Powerpuff Girls That You Missed as a Kid

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The Powerpuff Girls is a Cartoon Network favorite, one with plenty of innuendos and adult jokes. During their original run, there were jokes. Yes, the dirty jokes on The Powerpuff Girls are abundant, and while some were more subtle than others, the grown-up humor is undeniably present throughout the animated series.

Interestingly enough, the show's original development came in 1992 as a short titled "Whoopass Stew!" Obviously that concept wouldn't be geared towards children, but after a name change, the first Powerpuff Girls pilots were shown in 1995 and 1996. While the inappropriate jokes may have been watered down, the adult humor was still slyly present in almost every episode of Powerpuff Girls.

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    A Little Hitler Joke


    On the Christmas special episode “Twas the Fight Before Christmas,” Santa threatens to put Princess Morbucks on the permanent naughty list. The list itself includes the name “Adolph Schickelgruber.” Adolf Hitler’s grandmother’s name was Schickelgruber.

    An impressive little allusion, especially for a show aimed at kids.


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    Nuttiness Aplenty

    In “Stray Bullet,” the trio is trying to decide what to name their squirrel, leading Bubbles to proclaim that she knows the squirrel is a girl because “squirrels eat nuts.” This is a bit risqué, but it’s one of those reminders that this series was initially intended to be for adults before Cartoon Network toned it down.
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    Ms. Bellum’s Address

    69. Nice. Also “Yodel in the valley,” which, if you don’t know, is apparently a euphemism for cunnilingus.
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    Buttercup Slips Condoms to Professor

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    In “Mommy Fearest,” the girls set Professor up on a date. They don’t just schedule the time, either: they put on his tie and gel his hair, supplying him with breath mints, cologne, cuff links, and flowers. However, in the process, Buttercup says not to forget, “some of these” as she slips something - almost certainly condoms - into Professor’s pocket.
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