Adult Moments in Ratatouille You Never Noticed

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When you recall the animated flick about the rat chef, chances are you remember the kid-friendly humor. After all, Ratatouille is for families, and written to appeal to children in its humor and pathos, like all classic Pixar movies. Revisiting the film, however, you might be surprised to find adult moments nestled in the warm, naive sentiment of Ratatouille. Perhaps the writers were inspired by the romance and sexuality of the film's Parisian setting. 

If these naughty little gags and outright inappropriate moments slipped by you as you fell in love with Remy, Linguini, Colette, and the gang, here they are, fully exposed – dirty adult gems hidden in Ratatouille. For more funny lines, check out the best quotes from Ratatouille.

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    The Small Junk Joke

    The Small Junk Joke
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    There’s a scene in which Linguini is trying to confess to Colette that he’s been getting assistance from Remy, and he reluctantly says, “I have this tiny, little, little…”

    The words "tiny" and "little" prompt Colette to quickly glance down at Linguini’s junk with concern, worried he's referring to his meatballs and pasta, not a rat. In the end, though, Colette is satisfied with Linguini, so he must be packing more than penne. 
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    In Linguini’s Pants

    When Linguini is searching for a place to hide Remy in order to sneak him into Gusteau’s, he considers his pants. As he goes to open them, Remy’s facial expression appears a mixture of reluctant, scared, and uncomfortable with the idea of being nestled in his buddy's junk. 
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    The Vegetable Joke

    At one point, Linguini is talking to Remy in a storage closet when Chef Skinner comes in, demanding to know what's happening. Linguini says, “I’m just familiarizing myself with the vegetables and such.”

    Chef Skinner kicks him out, stating, “Get out! One can become too familiar with vegetables, you know!”
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    Hooking Up With The Boss's Daughter

    In one scene, Linguini is talking to Colette about Lalo, and she states that he was fired from the circus for “messing around with the ringmaster’s daughter.” Oh là là!