16 Adult Jokes In 'Scooby-Doo' That Completely Went Over Our Heads

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How do you make a film age gracefully? Just put a bunch of adult references in a movie meant for kids and people of all ages will love it forever, hence the birth of this very list. 'Scooby-Doo,' the beloved 2002 film, was popular with the kids for its live-action revival of a spooky cartoon classic. It was also popular with adult audiences for, well, ya know, the reasons we listed below. 

  • 1. Fred Is Feelin' Himself A Little Too Hard In Daphne's Body

    2,862 votes
  • 2. Hydrocolonic - Inserting A Water-Shooting Tube Through The Rectum And Into The Colon For Cleaning

    3,411 votes
  • 3. Did Anyone Truly Understand The Extent Of Fred's Excitement When They Saw This As A Kid?

    4,342 votes
  • 4. These Not-So-Subtle Stoner Allusions, Complete With Smoke Pouring Out Of The Mystery Machine Roof

    3,577 votes
  • 5. Daphne: "That Ghost Pawed Me For An Hour And A Half!"

    3,176 votes
  • 6. They Really Threw A "Big Balls" Joke In This Movie And Made The Most Ridiculous Character Say It

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