16 Adult Stars Who Ended Their Own Lives

Perhaps due to the unfair stigma surrounding the industry, there have been a tragically high number of adult film stars who have taken their own lives. Far too many of these actors and actresses have struggled with underlying mental health issues exasperated by substance abuse. Following several high profile incidents in the adult film industry, the Protecting Adult Welfare organization was founded to provide counseling to those stars struggling with depression and other mental health challenges.

Which stars sadly fell victim? Shannon Wilsey – AKA Savannah – was one of the most famous adult stars of the 1990s. After being involved in a car collision in 1994, she took her life at the age of 23. Megan Leigh is another famous adult actress who ended her own life. Other people on this list include Shauna Grant, Johnny Rahm, and Karen Lancaume.

This list commemorates those who were unable to go on. Browse the list to make yourself more aware of the epidemic in the adult industry.