Adult Store Workers Tell All  

Nathan Gibson
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With the advent of the internet and modern home media like DVDs, stores for intimate products have mostly gone out of fashion. However, many cities still have establishments that cater to the sensual tastes of the population. Even with online stores that offer anonymous and confidential purchases, and websites that provide endless amounts of uncensored content, some people still prefer to visit brick-and-motor shops for their adult playthings.

These stores can be strange and wonderful places. Given the items they sell and the types of clientele they attract, plenty of funny and bizarre things happen in these shops on an almost daily basis. 

They've Found Inexplicably Large Toys

From Redditor /u/JapaneseStudentHaru:

Today was my second day at a [...] toy/body mod supply warehouse. My trainer took me to the adult section and showed me this massive [bum] plug. It was 75 mm in diameter and solid steel... How do you keep something that big and heavy in your a**? We need special boxes for it because it's so heavy it will destroy our normal boxes.

A Wrong Number Led To An Awkward Conversation

From Redditor /u/briannasaurusrex92;

This call happened today, and while usually I don't tell many stories about my customers this guy A) technically wasn't even a customer and B) had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, it was just a simple mistake that turned into a humorous situation. If you're out there, guy, know that I'm not making fun of you or laughing at you, I'm laughing with you, because it made my morning.

Caller: Yes, hi. I'm looking for Moana toys? Do you carry any of those?

Me (thinking in my head): Aww, a prank call this early in the morning? Come on, man, at least choose any Disney movie that doesn't have "moan" in the name. Wonder how long it'll be until he starts surreptitiously pronouncing it Moan-A instead of Mo-Wan-A. At least, I hope it's a prank call, and not an actual adult man looking for a [...] toy modeled after an underage Disney character.

Me: Unfortunately sir, I'm sorry but we do not.

Caller: Really? None? No Moana toys? No outfits?

Me: You're looking for Moana like the Disney movie, right?

Caller: Yeah, Moana.

Me: Sorry, no, we really don't carry any Moana toys at all.

Caller: Well, what do you carry?

Me: Well, sir, we carry [intimacy] toys [...] and lingerie. Things like that.

Caller: Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm so sorry. Wrong number. I have the wrong number.

Me: That's quite alright, you have a nice day.

A Man Relieved Himself In The Store

From Redditor /u/spillingsin:

An old man dropped his pants in the DVD aisle and sh*t on the floor.

Some People Are Very Selective When It Comes To Their Entertainment

From Redditor /u/Malikissa:

Dude walks in and starts looking at [adult] DVDs. And not just casual browsing, like most people. This dude picked up every single DVD case, read the back thoroughly, and put it back on the shelf before getting the next one.

[The customer] has now read the back of every single DVD case in the store, turns to me.

Customer: Don't you have any new movies?

Me: All the movies we have are out.

Customer: Oh my God your selection is awful! What am I supposed to do with this?