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From talking french fries to a talk show host who destroys his set every episode, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim schedule has been pushing pop culture boundaries since 2001. A mix of animation and live action shows, Adult Swim has become one of the most popular programming blocks among television fans.

While many American twenty and thirty somethings have clocked an impressive amount of [as] hours, there's a good chance that some behind the scenes facts of their favorite Adult Swim shows continue to go undiscovered.

From Adult Swim anime to their live action programming and those classic Adult Swim bumps, there's plenty of fun trivia and fun facts to learn about the best Adult Swim series. So turn off the late night block onto Williams Street - here are the most fascinating behind the scenes facts about Adult Swim.

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Adult Swim Can Afford to Produce Risky Shows

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Adult Swim is known for giving their show runners nearly total creative freedom. That's because production costs, by television standards, are kept very low. An episode of Sealab 2021 cost $50,000 and takes about four to six weeks to create, from concept to screen. The same amount of money pays for one minute of production costs for The Simpsons. 
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Thank Samurai Jack for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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After watching Samurai Jack, Lucasfilm called up the show creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, with an offer to direct Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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Williams Street Studios Wasn't Always Called Williams Street Studios

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From 1994-1998, Ghost Planet Industries produced Adult Swim's original programming. Originally taking the name of Space Ghost's home planet, the company began operating as Williams Street Studios in 1999.
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Mike Tyson Mysteries Was Actually Mike Tyson's Idea

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Teaming up with Robot Chicken's Hugh Davidson, the Scooby Doo/A-Team hybrid received a standing ovation at Comic Con 2014. Tyson himself grew up watching kung fu movies and Hanna-Barbera cartoons.