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28 Behind the Scenes Facts About Adult Swim

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From talking french fries to a talk show host who destroys his set every episode, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim schedule has been pushing pop culture boundaries since 2001. A mix of animation and live action shows, Adult Swim has become one of the most popular programming blocks among television fans.

While many American 20- and 30-somethings have clocked an impressive amount of hours, there's a good chance some behind-the-scenes facts about their favorite Adult Swim shows continue to go undiscovered.

From Adult Swim anime to their live action programming and those classic Adult Swim bumps, there's plenty of fun trivia and fun facts to learn about the best Adult Swim series. So turn off the late-night block onto Williams Street - here are the most fascinating behind-the-scenes facts about Adult Swim.

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    The Pitch For 'Samurai Jack' Was Two Sentences Long

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adult Swim creator Mike Lazzo recalled how Genndy Tartakovsky pitched Samurai Jack:

    "[Tartakovsky said] 'Hey, remember David Carradine in Kung Fu? Wasn't that cool?' and I was like, 'Yeah, that's really cool.' That was literally the pitch," said Lazzo.

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    One Episode Of 'ATHF' Will Never Be Seen Because Of The Mooninites

    Photo: Adult Swim

    In guerrilla marketing campaign gone wrong, Boston police mistook battery-powered LED placards of The Mooninites for explosive devices in 2007. Following $2 million in amends paid by Turner Broadcasting, a Season 5 episode of ATHF titled "Boston" was pulled. 

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    'Cowboy Bebop' Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Video: YouTube

    Adult Swim is known for including a number of anime series in its late night block. However, it all started with Cowboy Bebop in 2001. The show was received so well in the States that it aired regularly for for years.

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    'Family Guy' Was Revived Due To Adult Swim Ratings

    Photo: Family Guy / Fox

    After FOX canceled the series in 2002, Adult Swim acquired the syndication rights. FOX renewed Family Guy three years later

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