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People Share The Most Childish Adult Temper Tantrums They’ve Ever Witnessed

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Ever seen a grown man throw himself on the ground because his wife won't let him buy a TV?  How about a woman shut out her young daughter because she doesn't want to go shopping? Enjoy these stories about adults that make three-year-olds seem rational.

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    'Comes Back With A Taser'

    Posted by Redditor u/smpsnfn13:

    So I just started my shift at McDonalds, it is 8:00 a.m. so we aren't serving any lunch. This lady comes in and tries to order chicken nuggets. I tell her we do not have chicken nuggets until 10:30. She looks frustrated, but accepts this news and leaves.

    So 10:30 rolls around, we are switching everything to lunch, and about 15mins later the same lady comes in and orders 30 Chicken nuggets. Okay cool, I put in the order, put her food on the tray and proceed to give her the nuggets. Now we give two sauces per 10 nuggets, and my boss was a stickler about this rule.

    Well she wants like 15 sauces, I gave her more then I should have already and told her, "I can't give you any more sauces."

    She flipped out, started yelling at me calling me every name in the book, so I walk away and get my manager. My manager comes, and she has opened all the sauces and nuggets and flips the tray over at my boss and she is covered in sauce.

    Now my boss is an older lady, and she didn't take sh*t from people. So she starts going off on the customer tells her to get out, and the cops are on the way.  

    The lady leaves, and comes back with a taser, no joke, and starts to come around the counter. My boss got a broom, and they are in a standoff at the entrance into the employee area.

    Now the cops were called, and we are pretty close to the station so they get there in about five, maybe ten, minutes. The whole time the lady is trying to get over, and my boss is just waiting to smack her with the broom.

    Finally, she hears the sirens and tries to bolt. By then it was too late, and she got arrested.

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    Huge Huff Over Hamburgers

    Posted by Redditor u/Hyper_Fujisawa:

    Worked at a Wendy's for a few years during college.

    The meltdown of legend was when a little-league mom came in with the whole team of kids and ordered food for all of them and some of the parents. She then began to grow increasingly frustrated/visibly upset at the amount of time it took to prepare such a large volume of food.

    She begins to pointedly ask why her food was taking so long, over and over, each time her voice getting a little higher. After a few minutes she starts saying, "This is simply unacceptable" and asking for a refund despite the fact that she can see the poor sandwich maker is standing right next to me working frantically to put all her cheeseburgers together.

    I say, "Okay. Let me just get the manager." She then starts screeching she wants the refund NOW and throws her carrier tray of Frosties onto the floor, gets down on her hands and knees, and proceeds to start grinding the spilled Frosty into the carpet with her bare hands all the while shrieking as if her child had been run over in the drive-thru.

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    Cheating Boyfriend Angry He Got Caught Cheating

    Posted by Redditor u/HarlotIsMyMiddleName:

    I caught my ex cheating on me, and I confronted him.

    Mind you, I was the only one working for the entire duration of our relationship. He got kicked out of his house for not having a job and never contributing about a month into us dating, and I, stupidly, told him he could live with me if he found a job.

    Surprise surprise, the job never came.

    Anywho, I find out he's cheating on me, because one of the (many) side women found out he had a girlfriend, and was an absolute angel, and told me what was up. She sent me all the texts. He even sent her pictures from my laptop, while lying on my bed, in my goddamn Minor Threat t-shirt!  

    So I confront him, and instead of taking any accountability, he takes my phone from my hand, throws it on the ground, absolutely destroying it. He tries to get in my face, but I'm not about to have some man-baby intimidate me, so I [told him to] get out of my house.

    [He] throws himself on the floor like a toddler, screaming, kicking...the whole nine. And then finally leaves. I packed his sh*t, threw it on the porch, and changed the locks.

    Bye, b**ch.

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    'Tore The Trophy Away From Her Daughter's Hands'

    Posted by Redditor u/tbp0701:

    After a girl's softball tournament one of the parents had a freakout while first and second place teams were lined up and receiving their trophies (my sister was on one of the teams).

    She ranted, screamed, yelled at the umpires, accused them of fixing the game, threw equipment around, threw dirt, stopped just short of assault. The umpires and coaches let her rant, even when she was screaming in their faces.

    Her daughter was standing there, holding her second place trophy, in tears. Finally this woman yelled at her daughter to come on, they were leaving. The daughter clearly wanted to stay, but the lady kept screaming, so the daughter stepped away from the team and walked toward her. The woman tore the trophy away from her daughter's hands and threw it on the ground, the two of them heading off into the parking lot.

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