dating Advantages To Dating A Mean Girl  

Michelle Broadnax
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We all know that girl…  the one everyone thinks is a cold-hearted b*tch. It may because she doesn't smile as much as the other girls, or because her resting b*tch face is so damn convincing. Whatever it is, other women seem to avoid her like the plague, but men seem to flock to her. Why is that you ask? There’s 12 simple advantages to dating a b*tch… (psst… she probably isn’t a b*tch at all).

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She Can Hold It Together

So she didn’t get that promotion that she’s been gunning for, or that raise, or a friend has betrayed her… she won’t dwell on it. She’ll be sad for a day or two, then she’ll buck up and move the f*ck on.

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She Doesn’t Have Any Problem Putting Herself Out There

The people who never take risks are the ones who never get anywhere, and that’s not this girl. Is there a job she wants? She’ll call HR and ask for an interview? She wants a raise? She’ll set up an appointment with her boss and ask for it. And —let me guess— she was the one that approached you. She knows you have to put yourself out there in order to get anything you want.

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She Commands Respect and Will Respect You in Return

She knows who she is, wants she wants, and what she doesn’t, because of that she has no time for people who look down on her or are condescending. She won’t let anyone walk all over her, and she wants you to be just the same.

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She’ll Be Great at Motivating You

She doesn’t want to be the only successful wants, she wants everyone to go after what they want. She wants everyone to chase their dreams, demand respect, and be a go-getter — and that includes you, the guy she’s dating. You’ll start to believe that you can reach the stars because she pushes you to believe that you can.