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Adult Jokes In 'Adventure Time' You Missed The First Time

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Adventure Time is a bright and colorful cartoon that's a captivating thrill-ride for anyone who joins Finn and Jake on their Candy Kingdom quests. It's also got some pretty dirty jokes for a kids' cartoon. While the characters the two protagonists encounter on their journeys might seem charming and innocent enough, the adult jokes in Adventure Time will sneak up on you and make you think twice about how much of a children's show it really is. Filled to the brim with both silly antics and grown-up humor, Adventure Time is a cartoon that provides fun for the whole family, not just the little ones.

Dirty jokes in cartoons are typically pretty low-key, since they need to fly over the heads of their younger audiences, so some of the Adventure Time adult jokes are pretty easy to miss. But just because a little kid can't appreciate the adult humor in Adventure Time, doesn't mean that you can't!

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    Sacking The Duke Of Nuts

    As the Duke of Nuts, you're asking to have dirty jokes made about your nutty royalty. In the episode "Henchman," Finn is given the duty of ransacking the Duke's castle. Instead of sacking it himself, though, he runs around shouting, "My boss is going to sack your castle!"

    The Duke's response to this? "Why would you want to sack my nut castle?"

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    Romancing Princess Bubblegum

    In "To Cut a Woman's Hair," Finn is trying to snag some of Princess Bubblegum's hair. He decides that the best way to go about doing this is by romancing her with some spaghetti dinner. But during their date, Finn's language gets a bit freaky.

    From demanding "put your butt here!" to "shove this in your mouth, it's hot!" their dinner suggests there's more going on than just some fine dining. 

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    Lady Rainicorn And Jake Are Into Some Pretty Trippy Stuff

    Lady Rainicorn and Jake have a strangely intimate relationship with each other. For example, Lady Rainicorn says to Jake, "Do you remember when we got completely naked and frantically floated around in the farmer's cabbage patch?"

    What exactly were they on? Probably some strange psychedelic they picked up from Magic Man.

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    Jake Likes Feet

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    In the Adventure Time episode "Freak City," Finn gets turned into a giant foot. It seems like Jake isn't opposed to Finn's new form, though. In fact, Jake suggests that he stay that way, hinting at his not-so-secret foot fetish by saying, "You'll understand when you're older."

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