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Which Adventure Time Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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If you've got a hankering for both physical and astrological adventure, Adventure Time characters aligned with the zodiac will fulfill your every wish! By taking the star signs and applying them to the most colorful, post-apocalyptic world ever seen, an all-new zodiac chart full of ambitious, anthropomorphic princesses and strange, talking animals forms. Through the power of astrology, Adventure Time characters become aligned with their star-bound spirits, revealing galactically deeper meanings behind their perks and quirks. Once you've checked if your stars have aligned, check out these other shows like Adventure Time.

Sure, you've probably related to Adventure Time characters somewhere along their journey, but get ready to expose your inner Ooo in a whole new way. 

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    Can't take the heat? Then get the heck out of Aries' way! An Aries is a temperamental and bossy star sign that always has to be the best. Their goal in life is to be number one, and nothing will stand between them and their dreams. They also don't mind getting aggressive in order to achieve their ambitions, so it's probably best to stay out of their way.

    Flame Princess is a literal hot head. At one with the element of Fire, she's bold, "passionate" (as Finn likes to call it), and extremely moody. Her emotions are as volatile as a forest fire, and she can become an ill-tempered whirlwind in the blink of an eye. Although erratic and violent, she has the heart of a hero and cares deeply about her friends.

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    Awwww yeah! A Taurus loves to lavish themselves with life's riches. From tasty, exquisite dinners to luxurious bubble baths, if it makes them feel fancy, they'll take it! They're also completely stubborn and unmovable; once they have an idea in their head, they can't be stopped. 

    Jake the Dog is a completely laid-back dude. He loves to live well, always cooking up delicious meals, playing instruments, and adventuring to his heart's content. While he loves to binge on the finer things in life, he can be a bit selfish. He has a tendency to have sticky fingers, even admitting that a pastime of his is stealing purses, proving he sometimes goes a little too far with his indulgences.

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    A gentle gal with a tendency to gab, Tree Trunks totally has the personality of a Gemini. Since Geminis are the rulers of communication, they love to be social swingers, sparking up a conversation with anyone who walks their way. They're naturally charming people (or elephants), and their charismatic personalities will sweep you right off your feet.

    While she's a lovely character, Tree Trunks can also be naive. Don't be fooled by her ditzy and distracted mannerisms, though. Like a Gemini, she hides a darker side underneath, only exposing it under special circumstances – like if something happens to one of her pies

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    Cancers are celestial crabs with a hard exterior – but only because it's protecting their soft and squishy interior. Ice King is a good scientist gone bad, fatefully transformed into a princess-stealing, Ooo-terrorizing antagonist by his crown. Although he comes across as totally evil, he's actually sensitive and insecure about his position in life, stealing princesses because he thinks it's the only way he can find true romance.

    Deep down, Ice King is a lonely soul. His moodiness and inability to express his emotions in a sane way make him a social outcast. While this crab likes to flex his pincers, he's totally harmless.

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