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These Artists Draw Spectacular Fan Art Of Your Favorite Fictional Characters In Adventure Time Style

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You know you've always wanted to see what your favorite fictional characters would look like in Adventure Time. Well, thanks to some supremely talented people, now you can with this glorious Adventure Time style fan art! Adventure Time is a bit of a phenomenon, created by Pendleton Ward, about a boy and his dog, defined by its somewhat crude animation and whimsy (though it can be dark at times).

Somehow, even though the animation of the show is indeed rudimentary, people can make some pretty awesome art with it on anything – from a computer to their bodies. And, of course, what better way to show your love for a property than to marry it with another beloved property. That's what these wickedly talented artists did with their fan art in Adventure Time style.

Take a look at this Adventure Time fan art and don't even try to keep the big, stupid grin off your face.

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    Digimon Is Used To Being Styled After Other Cartoons

    This artist, whimsically named CitrusCactus, does an exquisite job of depicting tamers and their Digimon partners in the style of Adventure Time.

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    Ariel Doesn't Need A Voice To Find Joy As An Adventure Time Character

    KrisLiao shows us what a Little Mermaid/Adventure Time crossover would look like in this impeccably drawn image of Ariel under the sea.

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    Seeking A Castle In The Sky Is An Adventure Time

    GustyBow's crossover of Castle in the Sky and Adventure Time takes the most iconic image from the film and injects some fun into it.

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    Cooking Time Is Wicked In The Best Possible Way

    If offbrain's "Cooking Time" – an Adventure Time/Breaking Bad crossover – makes you say, "oh no," with a big stupid grin on your face, then you're experiencing the correct response. Pure brilliance.

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