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The "Adventures Of God" Are Good, Heathen Fun

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Vote up the most sinfully hilarious adventures that bless your heart.

Everyone is aware that the big, all-knowing, ever-present guy in the sky has a sense of humor — at least, one would hope He does. Banking on this hope, illustrators Matteo Ferrazzi and Corey G. decided to animate the Big Man Upstairs and his red, horned counterpart. Indeed, the Adventures of God webcomic, which features several tongue-in-cheek jokes, pokes fun at God, the devil, Jesus, and even Adam and Eve. Are these jokes something you'd like to share with your super religious grandma who believes every weird tenement of the Catholic faith? Probably not. But you can giggle about each Adventures of God post with your kid brother while sitting in the rock-hard pews that complete every Catholic church. They'll make mass more than bearable.

Your inner heathen will have a hearty laugh at all of these collected works, and no, you won't land yourself in purgatory for indulging. Did God struggle as much as Noah during the 40 days of rain and torrential flooding? You'll find out as you vote up the funniest sacrileges from The Adventures of God.