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Professional Plumbers Share Practical Advice

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Some plumbing hacks are pretty obvious. Most people know not to throw peach pits down a garbage disposal. But did you know that throwing eggshells in the disposal, an old-school life hack, should now be avoided? Do you use Drano to unclog your toilet? Do you clean your toilet bowl with those blue drop-in tablets? Advice from professional plumbers might make you think twice before spending time and money on these common plumbing solutions that can do more harm than good.

No one wants a massive sewer clog. So always keep a plunger nearby, and be careful what you toss down the drain. Keeping your toilets, pipes, and sinks free of blockage and debris is easier than you think with some simple maintenance and preventive tips.

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    Do Not Put Anything Except Toilet Paper And Human Waste In Toilets

    Do not treat your toilet like a garbage can. It's really that simple. It may be tempting to toss items like dental floss, tampons, paper towels, or food into a toilet, but just don't do it.

    The only things that should you should flush are toilet paper and human waste. Everything else can possibly result in a clogged sewer system. 

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    Don't Put Pasta In The Garbage Disposal

    When pasta hits water, it expands. Noodles continue to grow as they come into contact with more water.

    So if you put pasta and other starchy foods like rice in a garbage disposal, they can expand to the point where they will jam up in the garbage disposal's trap.

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    Know Where Your Home's Main Shutoff Valve Is Located

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    If you discover a leak or a burst pipe, you need to know where the house's main shut-off valve is to avoid water or heavy flood damage.

    You also need to know how to use the valve to turn off your home's water supply. 

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    Your Septic System Should Be Built To Handle Toilet Paper

    If a homeowner tells you as a potenial buyer that the septic system can't handle toilet paper, do not purchase the house. Toilet paper is made to be flushed down a toilet.

    A healthy septic system should have no problem breaking down any type of toilet paper.

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