The Best Current Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked 

Joe Gallois
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Ever since AEW Dynamite premiered on October 2nd, 2019, the tag team division has been one of the highlights of the show. From classic tag teams like former NJPW heroes The Young Bucks to explosive new tag teams like Kenny Omega and Adam ‘Hangman’ Page, AEW’s tag team roster has slowly been fleshed out with a number of talented wrestlers who can put on great matches no matter the combination of teams in the ring. One could argue that there hasn't been a tag team division in a North American promotion with this much depth since the 1980s. 

AEW's ever-growing tag team roster is currently a who's who of the hottest duos (and sometimes trios) from all over the world. They're also developing newer tag teams that are already capturing their fans' attention like The Jurassic Express and Private Party. We also could be seeing some more teams join the ranks in the coming months, so this is a very exciting time to be a fan of tag team wrestling and AEW. 

Which wrestlers do you think are most deserving of the AEW Tag Team Championship belts? Vote up your favorite current tag teams so fans can see which wrestlers are the best faces (and the biggest heels).

The Young Bucks is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Current Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked
Photo: All Elite Wrestling
The Young Bucks
  • Members: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson
  • Finisher: Meltzer Driver
  • AEW Tag Team Championship Titles: 1x IWGP Tag Team champions, 4x PWG World Tag Team Champions, 3x ROH World Tag Team champions

The Young Bucks consist of the brothers Matt and Nick Jackson and have made their mark on tag team wrestling since their debut in 2004. The team that has developed a reputation "killing the business" has been a huge hit with fans no matter the promotion they wrestle for.

The Young Bucks play a huge role in AEW behinds the scenes as executives within the company, but those positions have yet to bear fruit in terms of the AEW World Tag-Team Championship. It's only a matter of time before these ELITE wrestlers capture the gold.  

Hangman Page & Kenny... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Current Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked
Photo: AEW / Lee South
Hangman Page & Kenny Omega
  • Members: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega
  • Finisher: The Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo
  • AEW Tag Titles: 1x AEW World Tag-Team champions

The combination of Hangman Page and Kenny Omega became only the second-ever AEW World Tag-Team champions in early 2020 and have given fans several Match-of-the-Year moments against the likes of the Lucha Bros and the Young Bucks. The teased tension between Hangman and Kenny has added layers upon layers to the team's chemistry and to the storytelling in their matches. 

Unlike other tag teams, Page and Omega have their own dual finisher, titled the Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combination. It's a deadly move that pops the crowd and there's plenty of teams on the AEW roster that have yet to feel its wrath.

Jurassic Express is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Current Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked
Photo: AEW
Jurassic Express
  • Members: Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt 
  • Finisher: N/A
  • Titles: N/A

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus started teaming up in early 2019 under the name A Boy and his Dinosaur and were quickly signed to AEW that summer. They became the Jurassic Express when adding the diminutive Marko Stunt to the act and have become one of the hottest acts in all of professional wrestling.

Fans have rallied behind the Jurassic Express due to Jungle Boy's background (he's the son of the late Luke Perry) and Luchasaurus's commitment to his half-man/half-dinosaur character. Their popularity is also helped by the fact that they can get it done in the ring! 

Pride and Powerful is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Current Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked
Photo: AEW/Lee South
Pride and Powerful
  • Members: Santana and Ortiz
  • Finisher: Street Sweeper
  • Titles 4x Impact World Tag-Team Champions, 1x CZW World Tag-Team Champions

Formerly a part of LAX in Impact Wrestling, the duo of Santana and Ortiz became known as Proud and Powerful when joining AEW in late August 2019. This impressive tag team quickly joined Chris Jericho's larger faction known as the Inner Circle. By joining the Inner Circle, Santana and Ortiz have been involved in a lot of main event angles on AEW Dynamite and have faced off against most, if not all of the top babyfaces in the company when doing the bidding of Chris Jericho.