The Best Afro Jazz Musicians

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  • Victor Kunonga (born October 25, 1974) is a Zimbabwean award-winning afro-jazz singer and songwriter. Though having come to light only in 2004, Victor quickly rose to fame with his first two albums and was a household name by 2007.
    • Genres (Music): Afro-jazz
    • Nationality: Zimbabwe
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    Louis Mhlanga (born 10 November 1956) is a Zimbabwean artist based in South Africa, an award-winning guitarist and producer. Mhlanga taught himself playing the guitar at a young age and is considered one of the best Southern African guitarists. Mhlanga's career began in the 1970s. Fronting many bands in Zimbabwe, he mixed American and Zimbabwean influences into his music. Mhlanga became renowned for his guitar skills, and worked with Zimbabwean acts such as Shaka, Talking Drum, Ilanga, Mudzimu, and Oliver Mtukudzi. Louis eventually headed to South Africa to pursue different musical opportunities, leading to collaborations with renowned South African artists such as Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri, Sipho Mabuse, Mlunhgisi Gegane, and Busi Mhlongo.
    • Genres (Music): Afro-jazz
    • Albums: Live at the Bassline
    • Nationality: Zimbabwe
  • Cheick Tidiane Seck (born December 11, 1953) is a Malian musician, arranger and composer. He has written for and played with world-famous African (Fela Kuti, Mory Kanté, Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour) and jazz (Hank Jones, Dee Dee Bridgewater) bands as well as musician Damon Albarn (Gorillaz and Rocket Juice & the Moon) and Mamadou Diabate (Masaba Kan).
    • Genres (Music): Music of Africa, Afro-jazz, Jazz
    • Albums: Sarala
    • Nationality: Mali
  • The Orkestra Rumpilezz is an orchestra of percussion and brass created in 2006 by Letieres Leite. The group's first album won the Bravo! Award for Best Popular Album of the Year 2010 and the Brazilian Music Award in the categories Best New Artist and Best Instrumental Group. It's about a group of instrumental folk music in which music is attributed to the ancestral music from Bahia in a harmonic modern garb, percussion with African roots and under the influence of modern jazz. Both compositions and arrangements are conceived from drawings and rhythm of the claves from the percussive universe of Bahia - inspired in large associations such as the percussive Ile Aiye, Olodum, Sambas Recôncavo, among others - with the influence of Candomblé. The Orchestra consists of five musicians in the percussion and 14 brass musicians. Important names of world music already attended concerts of the Orkestra Rumpilezz: Carlinhos Brown, Ed Motta, Stanley Jordan, Toninho Horta, David Moraes and others.
    • Genres (Music): Pop music, Afro-jazz, Samba, Jazz, Instrumental
  • Guy Warren
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    Guy Warren of Ghana, also known as Kofi Ghanaba (4 May 1923 – 22 December 2008), was a Ghanaian musician, best known as the inventor of Afro-jazz — "the reuniting of African-American jazz with its African roots" — and as a member of The Tempos, alongside E. T. Mensah. He also inspired musicians such as Fela Kuti. Warren's virtuosity on the African drums earned him the appellation "The Divine Drummer". At different stages of his life, he also worked as a journalist, DJ and broadcaster.
    • Genres (Music): Music of Africa, Afro-jazz, Smooth jazz, Jazz
  • Ngonidzashe Kambarami (born 19 October 1983), popularly known as Ngonie, is a Zimbabwean musician who has produced three albums to date: Ndinoimba, Angu Mashoko, and idenderedzwa. His debut song "Ndiwe Chete" launched his music career in 2002, leading to the release of his first album.
    • Genres (Music): Ragga, Afro-jazz, Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Soul music
    • Albums: Angu Mashoko, Ndinoimba
    • Nationality: Zimbabwe