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All The Horrors That Came To Light After Jeffrey Dahmer Was Caught  

Genevieve Carlton
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Just hours after police arrested him, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer confessed to raping, murdering, and cannibalizing 17 men. Jeffrey Dahmer's crimes shocked the police, and the gruesome murders quickly became one of the biggest news stories of 1991.

Dahmer also confessed to using brutal methods to control his victims, including drilling into their skulls and pouring in hydrochloric acid. The police soon realized, to their horror, that just weeks before the arrest, they had handed a naked, disoriented teenager over to Dahmer. He strangled and dismembered the boy as soon as the authorities left.

Investigators found skulls, severed body parts, and a vat of acid containing liquefied remains in Dahmer's apartment after his arrest on July 22, 1991. Detectives listened to the man's detailed, grotesque confession; the horrors didn't stop.

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Dahmer's Father Nearly Opened A Box Containing The Severed Genitals Of His Son's Victim

Horrifying stories emerged after Dahmer was caught. His grandmother, Catherine Dahmer, admitted she found a gun and a stolen mannequin in her grandson's room when he lived with her. More disturbingly, Catherine smelled horrible odors in the garage, which she reported to her son and Dahmer's father, Lionel. But neither family member investigated further, not even when Lionel found a locked box in his son's room in 1989.

Lionel assumed his son was hiding adult magazines and stopped asking questions when Dahmer grew angry. After Dahmer's arrest, his father learned the truth: The box contained the head and genitals of one of Dahmer's many victims.

Dahmer Cut Up His Second Victim In His Grandmother's Basement

Dahmer killed his first victim in 1978 and his second in 1987. The killer admitted to picking up his second victim, Steven Tuomi, at a tavern in Milwaukee, WI. Dahmer took him to the Ambassador Hotel, where the two drank heavily. He claimed he woke up next to Tuomi's dead and bleeding body.

After allegedly discovering the corpse, Dahmer bought a large suitcase to transport Tuomi's body, and returned to his grandmother's house. Dahmer cut up the body and threw it in the trash without being caught.

Policed Had Multiple Opportunities To Stop Dahmer

After arresting him, police learned Dahmer was already on the sex offender registry for drugging and assaulting a teenage boy. Dahmer told officers about his arrests in 1982 and 1986, and the probationary sentences he received. Dahmer later admitted he drugged men in bathhouses and raped them. The police apparently had numerous opportunities to stop Dahmer before his final 1991 arrest.

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Dahmer Drilled Into His Victims' Skulls

As he became a more practiced killer, Dahmer experimented with ways to make his victims compliant. He incapacitated his early victims with drugs, alcohol, and sleeping pills, but soon wanted to experiment with ways to keep them alive longer.

The killer wanted submissive partners he could totally control, so he tried to create "zombies." Dahmer performed makeshift lobotomies, drilling holes through his victims' skulls and pouring in hydrochloric acid.