What Would You Do First If You Came Back From 'The Blip'?

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Vote up the most pressing issues after your five-year hiatus.

What would you do if you disappeared from existence, then suddenly reappeared five years later? What if one day you are in your apartment, then suddenly all your belongings are gone and new tenants are looking at you quizzically? Or if you suddenly turned to dust in math class, then reassemble in the same classroom years later? Would you call your parents? Your friends?

This is the exact dilemma millions faced in a post-Snap world after the Avengers defeated Thanos. How would you have handled the situation? Let us know by voting on the possible answers below. Vote up the answers you would immediately attempt, and vote down the answers that can be tabled for a later date. 

  • 1
    41 votes

    Find Your Family

  • 2
    29 votes

    Call Your Mother

  • 3
    20 votes

    Get Caught Up On Current Events

  • 4
    21 votes

    Locate Your Personal Belongings

  • 5
    21 votes

    Contact All Your Friends

  • 6
    20 votes

    Find A Place To Sleep For The Night