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28 Sobering Pictures Of Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath

In 2005, a massive hurricane rolled through the Gulf Coast, devastating people from the Bahamas to Louisiana. It was Hurricane Katrina - the costliest storm in American history. The Category 5 hurricane destroyed entire towns, killed nearly 2,000 people, and became one of the deadliest storms in modern history. Photos from after Hurricane Katrina show just how horrible it really was.

The storm hit Louisiana the hardest. People living along the coast struggled to rebuild their lives in the wake of the devastation. Officials estimate the storm cost about $108 billion. It took years for people to go back to their homes, some of which were flooded or completely destroyed. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was horrific and life altering, and won't be forgotten anytime soon. 

  • Cleaning Out A Contaminated House

    Photo: Amy Toensing / Getty Images
    • A Doll All On Her Own

      Photo: Amy Toensing / Getty Images
      • A Collapsed House

        Photo: Ted Soqui / Getty Images
        • Trying To Sort Through The Mess

          Photo: Amy Toensing / Getty Images