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How Major X-Men Characters Are Different In The 'Age of Apocalypse' Timeline

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Vote up the most out-there 'AoA' versions of classic X-Men characters.

Major Marvel events are a fun way to see how the House of Ideas mixes up the status quo. What the company did with its "Age of Apocalypse" character changes is no exception. When altering timelines, comic book writers get the chance to bring a new spin to classic characters without any lasting repercussions. And the lasting timeline from the 1995 event led to some interesting character development over the long term, as well. 

Could you imagine Wolverine losing a hand, getting married to Jean Grey, and becoming the new Apocalypse? How about Sabretooth becoming a solid hero and a surrogate father? And let's not even on whatever is going on with Dark Beast. Strap into Cerebro and get ready to mourn Charles Xavier, because this list will run through some of the best changes to characters in Earth-295. Vote up the wildest changes to classic X-Men characters.