Are Some Age Restrictions Just Too High?

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Adulthood: where does it begin? In reality, that answer kind of depends on which metric of adulthood you're looking at, as the minimum legal ages for things – ranging from driver's licenses to military service and legal recreational cannabis – varies. Across the gamut of minimum legal ages in the United States, one thing is consistent: there is no consistency.

Are there some things that the minimum age requirement is too high on, though? Is it fair to require people to be 21 to legally purchase alcohol? Is 18 a good minimum age to set for tattoos without parental consent? 

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    The age to acquire birth control

    Depending on the state, the minimum age to acquire birth control without parental consent ranges from 16-18.

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    The age to buy cold medicine

    In some states, 18 is the minimum age to purchase certain over-the-counter cough and cold medicines.

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    The age to rent a car

    Depending on the retailer, minimum ages to rent a car fall somewhere between 21-24.

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    The retirement age

    In 2017, the "full benefit" retirement age was 66 years and two months for people born in 1955.

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    The age to buy tickets to R-rated movies

    Individuals under age 17 require an accompanying parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to attend R rated performances.

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    The age to purchase and drink alcohol

    The minimum legal drinking age in the US is 21.