19 Ads That Took A Dark Turn Thanks To The Passage Of Time

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Take a look back at ads from the distant (and not-so-distant) past that didn't seem to weather the test of time. Vote up the advertising campaigns, posters, and printed materials that are making an impression for all the wrong reasons.

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    1947 Ad For The Now-Banned DDT

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    Lead Ad From 1939

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    Lead Paint Ad From 1923

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    Vintage Cigarette Ad

    Vintage Cigarette Ad
    Photo: 4reddityo / Reddit
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    Using Lysol As A Feminine Hygiene Product

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    This Union Carbide Ad

    This Union Carbide Ad
    Photo: mayudhon / Reddit

    From Redditor u/mayudhon:

    The 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is considered among the world's worst industrial disasters. The parent company had to sell its entire stake in UCIL and leave India.

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